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Blue Water Retreats - Do You Enjoy the Sound of the Ocean?

The Ocean Therapy Has the Power to Heal the Mind and Body. The ocean is a force unto itself. It has the power to devastate entire towns, swallow up ships in a single gulp, and pull swimmers away from the shore never to be seen again. Comprising 70% of the Earth’s total surface, the ocean is home to some of the largest and most vicious animals ever to exist. Its waters can reach chilling depths of 36,000 feet under a crushing pressure of more than 8 tons per square inch.

But the ocean also has the power to heal just as much as it can destroy. Standing at the edge of the shoreline overlooking the ocean’s vast, shimmering turquoise body can make you feel both unstoppable and insignificant at the same time. Its sheer beauty can both overwhelm and inspire. When you enter its waters on a calm day the ocean’s waves sweep you off your feet, caressing your body before gently setting you back down on its sandy floor. After going for a swim in the ocean, it is not uncommon for one to feel youthful, revitalized, and happy.

That is why a relatively new therapy program that takes advantage of the ocean’s healing properties is literally making waves across people who are looking for alternative ways for healing.

The American Veterans Projects and Retreats (AVPAR) is developing a new project based on Ocean Therapy and it will be called Blue Water Retreats. AVPAR is developing plans to acquire approximately 20 acres of ocean front property where veterans, first responders, and their families can partake in healing retreats on the ocean. More information will be made available in the coming weeks.

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In the meantime, enjoy the video and let us know what type of recreational activities you would enjoy if you were at a Blue Water Retreat. Here are a few of our ideas:

- Oceanside massage

- Seaside manicures & pedicures

- Laying under a palm tree with a coconut drink

- Snorkeling

- Kayaking

- Paramotoring

- Tai Chi

- Bo Staff

- Sunset viewing

- Sunrise Boot Camp

- PT by the Sea

- Sand Sculpting

- Ukelele lessons

- Hula lessons

- and much more!

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