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How can we Stay Calm and Not Panic During the Covid-19 Virus?

We all have things that pull our minds in several directions--family, work, social life, relationships, finances, and Covid-19. This can become overwhelming, as thoughts about these things clutter our mind space. Allowing the time and energy to quiet the mind and be more present will consequently enable you to be more happy, more at peace, and more loving, with more energy available for all of these areas of life.

We’re experiencing a lot of uncertainty right now, and uncertainty can lead to anxiety and panic which can in turn lead to poor decision-making and ultimately to negative consequences. If you can bring mindfulness into play, you can pivot. Instead of mindlessly reacting to the uncertainty, you can respond in a calm and carefully-considered way.

Let’s start by talking about the news. Recognize that news outlets are driven, not by a need to inform the public, but by a need to generate revenue. It is in their best interests to sensationalize and spread fear, because this leads people to consume more news and the outlets  consequently sell more advertising. 

Be mindful when choosing a news outlet. Look for sources that present fact-based information instead of opinions. Look for sources that report calmly and avoid hype and inflated language.