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1+1= 50 / A Navy Seal's Secret to Achievement

Staggering while losing bits of consciousness I barely made it back to base camp. I had just failed the grueling land navigation course that I needed to pass if I were to become a Navy SEAL. Minutes later my SEAL instructors informed me that despite my wavering physical condition, they’d be sending me back out for an immediate retest. ⁣⁣


Just 100 yards into the first snow covered field, I started to wobble again. During the previous test I had used ziplock bags to protect my feet from the wet snow and it ended up costing me 2 of my toenails. ⁣⁣


Now with the circulation flowing again the blood started to fill the tips of my socks and then froze leaving me to tackle the course with a sadistic level of crippling pain in my toes. The reality of being dropped from training began to settle in along with the hypothermia. That’s when Joe showed up. ⁣⁣